Wireless Networks

DEDICOM supplies a wide range of different wireless network technologies, e.g.:

  • SCADA radio systems
  • Point-to-point or point-to-multipoint radio links, and

Interconnecting SCADA systems through data radio systems is typically used to augment cable based control networks where it is not economical or not practical to deploy cables, e.g. in connection with power transmission through or across rural areas.

DEDICOM can guide you in the selection of radio systems based on throughput requirements, frequency plan and standards in your area, environmental conditions, tower heights and link distances. A design process normally includes initial desktop research, site survey and measurements, depending on the complexity of conditions for the individual radio links.

Designed to target government agencies, emergency and transport services, TETRA is used for interpersonal communication. DEDICOM can supply scaled solutions, ranging from a single-carrier complete base station to more complex 8-carrier base stations. Closed internal networks as well as networks with PSTN, ISDN and PDN telephone interconnectivity are supported.

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