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Multiplexer Networks

A lot of communication services do not require high speed or large bandwidth: Some low speed services need to be interconnected with different network technologies. These services can be interconnected and data traffic can be routed to other locations using a flexible access multiplexer designed specifically for private networks.

DEDICOM supplies a variety of access multiplexers, which offer a wide range of configurability. These multiplexers also support low-rate Ethernet. Traffic protection is possible by equipment duplication and/or by using alternative routes to implement network resilience strategies: Both 1+1 full path protection and individual channel protection. Cross-connection is supported at 2 Mbit/s, 64 kbit/s and sub-rate levels.

The access multiplexers can be configured for different network topologies, e.g. linear point to point, ring and meshed networks, each offering different protection possibilities. The access multiplexers are typically interfaced to higher level backbone networks through 2 Mbit/s TDM connections, or via IP interfaces.

A variety of low speed interfaces are possible, both data and analogue interfaces, e.g.:

  • 64 kbit/s (G.703)
  • V.11
  • V.24 / V.28
  • X.20 bis
  • Ethernet
  • FXO and FXS

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To simplify operation, a management and configuration system is available, communicating with all network nodes through embedded communication channels or via an external IP network in case of larger networks.

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