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Network Technologies

A broad range of technologies are needed for transporting data in different networks depending on e.g. distance, geography, topology, access rights, data rate and type, legislation, latency and transit delay variation, quality of service and interworking with existing network technologies.

For long distances optical transmission is unrivalled in terms of transporting large data rates, but there may be rights-of-way issues and geographical challenges to name a couple. On the other hand, radio can more easily traverse areas with restricted or difficult access, but here there can be legislative issues.

For new networks it is typically more interesting to choose the newest technology, but there may be other concerns e.g. with interworking with existing networks. As an example an all-IP network can be chosen if only packet based data is to be transferred. If, on the other hand, existing TDM services also need to be transported then MPLS-TP may be a better solution, since it carries packet based data but is also specifically tailored to carry TDM services with guaranteed quality of service and interworking with the existing TDM networks.

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