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Power and Utilities

DEDICOM has both the solution and the experience to implement the most feasible communication system for your application whether it be solar, hydro or wind power.

DEDICOM offers communication systems for the Power and Utility sectors. Power and Utilities require an efficient communication backbone network that carries all data for power control, Ethernet traffic, and telephony with both speed and security. Communication backbone networks may typically be based on EoSDH and SDH equipment or more recently MPLS-TP, typically interconnected with fibre optical cable, (e.g. OPGW or ploughed cable) due to its capacity, noise immunity and Long Distance transmission capability benefits. However, Microwave, Power Line Carrier (PLC) or Cu-cables are also used to interconnect sub stations and power stations with control centres. Common to all the types of transmission systems provided are high system reliability and availability, ensuring optimum control of the power system that keeps electricity flowing all the way to the distribution network.

For efficient operation, an extremely reliable communication network is essential. The network conveys data between Central control and Power substations. Data carried between central control and remote manned or unmanned power substations on the network typically includes SCADA and RTU data, PABX interconnections, LAN and WAN interconnections, CCTV, AMR and Teleprotection data. DEDICOM is a supplier of all these power utility communication components.

DEDICOM has extensive experience within the Power and Utility sectors with:

  • Turnkey installation of communication systems
  • Project management as part of total supply or provided as a separate service
  • Installation: Cable laying, plowing and directional drilling in various environmental conditions, from desert or jungle to icy conditions in the North
  • System integration – whether it be part of a turnkey project or as a stand-alone service
  • Commissioning – again either as part of a more comprehensive project or as a stand-alone service
  • Consultancy:
    • Network design and optimization
    • Adaptation of equipment to specific rules of operation
    • Mechanical design
    • Solving interfacing problems, and
    • ... many more areas and issues.

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