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DEDICOM offers consultancy on all aspects of communication - primarily on networks to be implemented in the Public Transport, Power and Utilities, Offshore and Data Centre sectors.

Drawing on the expertise we have obtained from designing networks around the world, you can save large sums by involving DEDICOM during the early design phase. DEDICOM'S experience in consultancy has been gained in a wide variety of environmental conditions - reflecting the harsh environments often encountered in the above sectors.

We believe that generic knowledge of the design and implementation of basic communication networks, while essential, is in itself insufficient. We can add in-depth knowledge of the operational form and structure of your business sector, whether this is:

  • oil, gas & water
  • public transport
  • electricity generation & supply
  • offshore in general
  • data centre, high volume data flow

Customers in these areas have different structural requirements for their network and different needs for alternative routing of data channels, equipment protection, etc.

Within the above sectors we have seen an increasing demand for greater data capacity over the years. This could be a prime business as is the case with data centres, it could be mainly for the companies' internal use, or it could present a new business opportunity as capacity in excess of internal needs can be offered to third parties. Good planning is essential to ensure the smoothest and most efficient upgrade from an existing lower speed to a higher capacity network, and DEDICOM is ready to provide consultancy in this area.

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