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Public transport

DEDICOM offers a broad range of communication systems for the public transport area.

Public transport is an area encompassing many different systems and subsystems. Their components may be located in fixed locations or in moving stock material. Common for many of these components they need to communicate internally or to a central point: Exchange of data is a must in order to have public transport to work.

The communication systems for the public transport area offered by DEDICOM include backbone networks based on IP and/or SDH networks carrying all data for traffic control, Access Multiplexers for low order tributary interconnections, PABX interconnections, WAN and LAN traffic, telephones, power control, passenger information, public address systems and CCTV.

The backbone networks may communicate internally across fibre optical cables, utilising their inherent capacity and noise immunity advantages. However, wireless transmission components are also used, especially for rolling stock. DEDICOM can deliver solutions to all required communication requirements.

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