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DEDICOM supplies communication systems for the offshore environment. We offer a broad range of solutions, including microwave and submarine fibre optic cable based systems.

These systems are used for providing data services for e.g. Safety and Automation Systems (SAS), office data networks, CCTV and voice communication including PA and TETRA.

Our communication solutions are flexible and may be used for both intra-platform communication, between neighbouring platforms and for platform-to-shore communication. For longer transmission distances our solutions include fibre optical amplifiers for repeater-less links up to 600 km or more than 1000 km with in-line amplifiers.

In the offshore energy sector, network availability is paramount for the majority of data services. DEDICOM has extensive experience in designing and implementing high availability data networks with redundant network elements and data routing.

As part of our solutions we provide system design, documentation, installation and commissioning services. DEDICOM also provides both maintenance and network operation support after commissioning.

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