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Utility Networks

DEDICOM has solutions for communication system requirements within the utility distribution area, be it electricity, gas or hydropower. When it comes to power plants, sub-stations and distribution, DEDICOM can provide the core communication network with associated subsystems.

Depending on the requirement for the data circuits, the backbone network can be either optical or wireless, or both. It can be combined with different types of multiplexers for interconnecting with tele protection equipment, Remote Terminal Units (RTU), IP networks and voice based systems (PA, PABX).

Examples of equipment provided are:

  • High speed Ethernet WAN/LAN equipment
  • Transport network equipment carrying both TDM and IP traffic
  • Different types of multiplexers, e.g. primary multiplexers and SDH
  • Tele protection equipment
  • Analogue and digital Power Line Carrier (PLC) equipment
  • Network management systems

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